Finance Transformation

Transformation is a Journey, let’s be part of this journey with NJA solutions.

User acceptance testing and documentation

We help companies in doing User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and Documentation for undergoing projects in their finance area. For ex. If example if our client has developed a new software or bought from external vendors, before deploying into live environment we will do a complete testing to find out if there are any bug or deficiencies. We also help our clients in documentation of whole process.

Standardisation and Process Improvement

We provide cost effective process improvement and automation solution for processes which are very manual & Inconsistent but does not fit for RPA and AI due to high investment and long payback period. Our approach is automation is very defined and divided into below steps :

– Understand the existing process in detail
– Remove inefficiencies and wastage through lean and six sigma methodologies
– Analyse the manual part for automation in streamlines process (after above step)
– Develop a UDA (User defined application) for manual process
– Do UDA testing and sign off
– Documentation and Implementation

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Set up and Configuration Solutions

We are working on software like Oracle, CCHI Integrator, Access Database, Hyperion, XERO and Quick books.
As part of this service we do set up and configuration on these software for our clients.