Engagement Models

A. Fixed Price Model

The Fixed Price model is suitable for the well-defined requirements and plans for the outsourcing work. Under this model, we analyze the scope of accounting and finance work and charge fixed fees. This model works for outsourcing the fixed monthly bookkee


  • Reducing the risk of extra costs because of the fixed charges.
  • Saving in overhead cost for maintaining minimum infrastructure
  • Avoid conflict through a well-defined requirement by making the process more transparent
  • No Risk of fluctuating price

B. Dedicated Resource (FTE) Model

The dedicated resource model does the reviewing of the business requirements and checks the scope of work followed by assigning the dedicated teams for the project.
The dedicated team/ individual exclusively work on the project under your direction a


  • Allows to pay fixed monthly charges and relieving from the risk of cost escalation
  • Flexibility in choosing suitable resources
  • Allows to choose additional sources depending on the urgency of the project
  • Value addition over the time due to efficiency and closed approach to your organization
  • Suitable for medium to high volume of work

C. Transaction-based Pricing Model

The transaction-based pricing model is based on the quantum of work. The client is charged on the basis of the number of transactions with a price-per-transaction based on the band of volume.
We advise our clients to go for this model when volume per


  • Suitable for the drastic fluctuation in a quantum of work
  • Flexibility in the price structure
  • Helpful in saving cost and increase in efficiency
  • Higher visibility in staffing requirement and pricing

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